• Da Vinci Media Ventures

    Da Vinci Media Ventures

    Da Vinci Media Ventures is a quantitative media fund based in New York. The fund focuses on acquiring a diversified portfolio of intellectual media and entertainment properties. The company’s founding partners bring a unique …

  • DOGHOUSE Comics

    DOGHOUSE Comics

    DOGHOUSE is Sleepydog’s comics brand. Sleepydog creates and develops TV drama concepts and we have turned some of them into comics so we can share with you what’s been going on in our development room. …

  • Slingers


    is anything but just another science fiction show. It's a sixties set in the future.

    Think... The Rat Pack in space... Ocean's Eleven in the 30th Century

  • Weird & Wonderful Hotels

    Weird & Wonderful Hotels

    eird & Wonderful Hotels is an intrepid new series from Sleepydog in conjunction with Chief Productions. In each episode we venture off the beaten track to uncover the most unique places in which to spend a night. Avoiding the well-trodden path of other TV travel shows, Weird & Wonderful Hotels takes you to some astonishing destinations.