SLINGERS is anything but just another science fiction show. It’s a sixties classic set in the future.

Think… The Rat Pack in space… Ocean’s Eleven in the 30th Century.

Welcome to the Swinging Sixties… the 2960s. Expect sharp Italian suits, daring heists, colourful characters living on the edge, the varied and exotic backdrop of deep space… all set to the familiar swing music of the 1960s.

We follow five displaced adventurers (Slingers) as they embark on the long trek home. Two ex-soldiers DM and FRANK steal the BLACKJACK, an experimental ship and join forces with MARTI, a young and feisty female technician, JUNIOR a decommissioned military robot, and the ship’s pilot, JEANNIE a holographic incarnation of DM’s dead ex girlfriend.

The Slingers’ journey echoes that of the WWII US troops returning home from the Pacific. From the farthest reaches of the galaxy, they hop from outpost to outpost, planet to planet, casino to casino, pleasure ship to pleasure ship – taking their chances where they can. Human civilsation is in a state of disarray, strung out across the galaxy. It’s a postwar age ripe for the opportunist. Along the way, the Slingers plan ambitious heists, getting their own back on the unscrupulous profiteers who made a fast buck at the expense of their comrades in arms.

As you’d expect, each of the Slingers has issues. DM feels responsible for JEANNIE’s death and is seeking closure. But the JEANNIE on board the BLACKJACK is merely a holographic facsimile. MARTI hopes the BLACKJACK will help her find her father, who disappeared while developing the ship. FRANK just wants to arrive back on Earth a rich man – as long as he can bring his best friend, GUN his artificially intelligent handgun. And JUNIOR is the robot who should have been decommissioned after the war and has no right to even exist.

The Slingers have to keep moving. They stole the BLACKJACK from the military and now they are stealing from the racketeers. They are a law unto themselves, running from one heist to the next, avoiding the good guys, the bad guys and (in the case of the military) the really bad guys.

Watch this Space…

Currently in production, Slingers is attracting a wealth of talent including:

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